tie casa concrete


Oxygeen consists of two tiles, one being three dimensional, the other two and a half dimensional. They give structure to smooth walls on interior or exterior surfaces, covering walls either partially or entirely. The three dimensional form is made up of asymmetrical surfaces ‘folding’ onto one plane to form a hexagonal base. By playing with concave and convex planes and using them to accentuate one another, it creates the effect of visually pulling the user towards itself. The side surfaces of the two and a half dimensional form imitate the three dimensional one, giving it a playful character despite the flat top surface.

Tie magnetic visual appeal is the result of precisely rendered angular contours that harness the beauty of symmetry, as well as the dynamic interplay of depth, light and shadow, and the energetic movement of geometric flow. Tie allows one to create endless pattern combinations from the most simple, minimalist applications to the most elaborate kaleidoscopic masterpieces.